Hello, I'm Savannah Sanchez

I'm a paid social expert specializing in e-commerce growth. 

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What I Do


I'm a paid social expert with a proven track record of helping DTC brands profitably acquire customers through media buying + ad creative production. With over five years of experience working as a media buyer and ad creative strategist, I have become an industry leader in executing successful paid social campaigns, speaking at multiple international conferences, and sharing my insights via my Twitter and Facebook groups. I hold a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from Chapman University, where I specialized in marketing analytics.

In 2019 whilst working at one of the largest e-commerce marketing agencies, I managed the Facebook & Snapchat media buying teams. I lead the acquisition strategy for some of the top growing brands including ColourPop, APL, and Love Wellness, managing over $10 million in Facebook, Google, and Snapchat ad spend at a profitable return. During my two year tenure at the agency, I came to realize that the agency model was broken and that I could provide more value to brands as their paid social consultant.

In December 2019, I left the agency and started offering my services on a consultancy basis as The Social Savannah. This has allowed me to become an integral part of my clients' growth teams and lead the day-to-day of their paid social efforts. I provide channel strategy, campaign management, and weekly ad creative production to a handful of top e-commerce brands spending between $50k-$2M per month on ads. I have now assembled a small team of expert ad creative designers and copywriters to help me with weekly creative testing for my clients.

The Social Savannah is an official Preferred Facebook Marketing PartnerSnapchat Ad Partner, and TikTok Agency Partner.

Ad Management consulting for Social Media
ecommerce freelancer


I provide campaign management for Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok ads. My media buying methodology relies heavily on creative + copy testing and data-driven analysis to scale ad accounts. 

ecommerce freelancer


I have partnered with some of the top e-commerce ad designers to create ads for my clients on Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. Please contact me to see our ad creative portfolio. 

ecommerce freelancer


My team of expert ad copywriters writes all of the ad copy for my client's ad campaigns across all of our channels. Testing different messaging strategies each week is key to improving return on ad spend.


My Expertise

savannah facebook
  • I create value for DTC brands through Facebook ads with breakthrough creative, targeted media buying, and data-driven analysis leading to proven results. I leverage Facebook's machine learning capabilities with reiterative creative testing to scale ad accounts.

savannah facebook
  • Instagram - as a part of the Facebook family - can be an extremely powerful platform to prospect new customers. Instagram gives you the power to tell your brand’s story while tying it with your conversion goals.

savannah facebook
google ads
  •  I'm an expert in setting up Google Shopping feeds, writing branded and non-branded search copy, as well as executing YouTube ad campaigns. It's essential to be continously testing on Google for maximum ROI.

savannah facebook
  • Snapchat is an essential platform to add in the marketing mix for brands targeting the 13-25 Y.O. demographic. I'm an expert at developing story content that converts best on Snapchat ads, as well as optimizing the campaigns.

"Facebook’s machine learning capabilities are simplifying account management and allowing advertisers to put the focus towards the important creative ad components."

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  • Erin Falter
    Doe Lashes

    I've worked with Savannah on running Snapchat ads for another client and she has been stellar to work with! I personally really enjoyed her knowledge in successful DTC creative as well as media buying. The combination has created over 3x ROAS on our Snapchat campaigns. She is quick, timely and smart!

  • Jason Wong
    Doe Lashes

    It's been an amazing experience working with Savannah, who is arguably the best marketer in Snapchat and Facebook. I don't say these lightly, but truly she has transformed our business to meet the goals that she set much quicker than we expected, and we couldn't have done it without her.

  • Brian Fosse

    Savannah takes initiative, gets great results, and is a pleasure to actually work with. I highly recommend her for your e-commerce marketing.

  • Caitlin Thomason

    Savannah Sanchez is truly an expert in media buying. From extensive research and experience, she is a world leader in this space and continues to own her craft as a digital marketing expert.

  • Anze Markovic
    Lomm Footwear

    Savannah is one of the top media buyers around. What I like the most is how much attention she puts into ad creatives and the psychology behind those. That creativity really makes a difference in today's digital advertising!

  • Matthew Stuart
    Stuart & Lau

    Savannah has been an indispensable asset to our marketing efforts, and an absolute pleasure to work with! 

  • David Herrmann
    Herrmann Digital

    Savannah goes above and beyond for her customers. Highly recommend working with her! 

  • Ben Hebert
    Cute Dose

    Savannah is the ad creative master. We didn't have to do anything but send her product and she delivered BIG TIME. 10/10 

  • Kenny Hoang
    Quikflip Apparel

    Savannah’s a world-class media buyer with millions of dollars of positive ROAS under her belt. She has such an eye for what kind of creatives perform best. That’s incredibly rare to find in a marketer, which is why her craft is top-notch.

  • Paul Stewart
    My Baggage

    Savannah is fantastic at social ads and creating user-generated content - if you need support in creating content or ads themselves get in touch with Savannah!

  • Nick Shackelford
    Structured Social

    Savannah is the perfect mixture of process, execution, and overdelivering. Almost single-handedly shaping a media buying philosophy and framework that has allowed multiple businesses to scale.

  • Drew Johnson

    Savannah presided over excellent growth and was able to develop Facebook campaigns that were critical to our success. Savannah is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.