About Me

With over five years of experience working as a media buyer and ad creative strategist, I have become an expert in executing profitable paid social strategies for e-commerce brands. I hold a Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA) from Chapman University, where I specialized in marketing analytics. In 2019 whilst working in leadership at one of the largest digital advertising agencies, I trained and managed a team of fifteen media buyers, copywriters, and ad creative experts. I lead the strategy for over 30 ad accounts and oversaw $10 million in Facebook, Snapchat, and Google ad spend at a profitable return. During my two year tenure at the agency, I came to realize that the agency model was broken and that I could provide much more value to brands working independently as a consultant. 

In December of 2019, I made the leap to leave the agency and started offering my media buying and ad creative services on a freelance basis as The Social Savannah. Only working with a handful of clients at a time, I am able to provide personalized attention to all of my clients. My clients are never “handed off “ to someone else when they hire The Social Savannah, but rather my clients are always working directly with me. I like to see myself as an extension of my client’s internal team as I am often working very closely with the entrepreneur each day to grow their business. 

Over the last few years, I have realized that one of the main factors to achieving success on paid social advertising is the quality of the ad creatives. Particularly, having high-quality UGC (user-generated content) is one of the most important ingredients. I am proud to offer my ad creative services to my clients as I have a fantastic team of content creators and ad editors who help produce new UGC for my clients on a weekly basis.
Currently, I am providing UGC ad creative services to some of the top eCommerce brands including Fabletics, Outer, Peel, and Snow Teeth Whitening just to name a few. I also provide media buying management for Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. In particular, I have become a notable leader in the TikTok media buying space as I frequently provide TikTok ad tips on my Twitter feed. I am lucky to be working with some of the top brands on their TikTok media buying and creative strategies.

Facebook and instrgram marketing