4 Ad Types Your Ad Account Needs

Mar 11, 2021

You’ve probably heard me say this before… creative testing in your ad accounts is the only true way to find out what works and resonates with your specific audiences! I live by this statement and I attribute my clients ad success to it.

If you’re just starting out with ads, or you’re stuck and not sure what to test next, I have 4 fool-proof ad styles that should be part of your core ad creative strategy.

Customer Testimonials

Social-proofing has always held its weight in my clients ad accounts and these types of ads are generally pretty easy to make!

You can create a simple product slideshow or static 1x1 image with text overlay of customer reviews from your website. Test a variety of concise but powerful customer reviews and different images. You don’t need Adobe experience for this either, Canva makes it easy to add branded fonts, animations, and photo/video edits.

Video testimonials are even more valuable so, if you have a handful of customers that love your product/service and are willing to submit a video of their experience, that would take your testimonial ad to the next level!

UGC Lifestyle Application

This is hands down the most valuable and effective ad type for each of my clients. A handheld video filmed on iPhone showing product use cases, tutorials, unboxing experiences, or demonstrations are so important to have.

You don’t have to have a partnership with a major influencer for these creatives to be successful, either. If you’re the brand owner, film yourself using the product/service and explain what makes it unique and why someone would need it. You can also list out the benefits or why you made it.

Other ways to find UGC include having employees film use cases, finding creators on social media, or outsourcing it to an agency (or better yet, hire me!). If you’re interested in my FREE downloadable guide on how to source and work with TikTok creators, click here.

Again, you don’t need Adobe experience to create effective UGC ads. My favorite mobile apps are CapCut, Life Lapse, and you can even right in the TikTok/Instagram Reels interface.

3 Reasons

Sometimes, people just need a reason to buy, so give it to them! Determine 3 to 5 things that make your product/service unique or why someone would benefit from having it. You can make this into different formats and test which one works best for you such as a carousel vs. a video.

Us vs. Them

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? Give yourself the edge by comparing your product to a generic one or to your competitor (you don’t have to necessarily call them out directly).

You can create a split-screen style video for this ad type or make a UGC comparison.

Get Inspired!

If you need some ad inspiration to get you started, check out my Facebook group — Ad Creatives Only. We share top notch creative examples from some of the top e-commerce brands every day.

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