5 TikTok Trends Brands Can Take Advantage Of Right Now

Apr 13, 2021

Over the last few weeks, I've received several inquiries on how to start with TikTok ads, the value of them, and what types of creatives work the best. The platform certainly has its differences from Facebook ads and I wanted to shed some light on my successes thus far with some of TikTok's fastest growing advertisers -- brands like SugarBear Hair, BlendJet, and more.

Each week, we make new creatives for each of our clients so we're constantly staying on top of the latest trends. In this email, I explain some of the creative concepts I've tested from evergreen storytelling to new effects and video styles that work for both your organic page and ads.

Don't Make Ads, Make TikToks!

As a brand owner or agency, you know it's not THAT easy. Brands can be pretty restricted on what they can and cannot use for commercial purposes when it comes to copyrighted audio.

If you're familiar with the TikTok platform, you know that most of the trends you see on your For You Page originate from the audio. Commercial (or brand) accounts aren't allowed to use this, even organically.

The good news is, there are plenty of trends and other video stylees that brands can take full advantage of for advertising or organic purposes. Here are FIVE top (current) trends that brands should be creating content around:

Green Screen Eyes and Mouth

An effect in the TikTok platform that allows you to put a face on essentially anything. Most videos with this feature incorporate humor. It looks very organic and is great for brands that may not have abundant video content.

Here's a great example from @ryanair

Product Tutorials

You can never go wrong with showing someone how to do something. #FoodTikTok is a huge community so, if you have a food/cooking product offering, consider quick and easy recipe videos. This is also great for beauty/makeup/skincare products, such as showing before and afters. Essentially, you want to show your audience how to make something amazing with your product.

Here's a great example from @trulybeauty

"I Want It, I Got It"

This actually comes from a trending sound, and while you may not own the rights to it, who says you can't make your own version with upbeat audio and/or your own voiceover. Virtually taking the items out of the screen is an eye-catching attention grabber.

Here's a great example from @fabfitfun

Internet Finds I Can't Live Without

Essentially, a TikTok-approved version of #ThingsTikTokMadeMeBuy. Unfortunately, you can't claim a product is associated with TikTok in ads but, TikToker's are going viral every day simply for posting their best internet finds.

Here's a great example from @blendjet

Lifehack/Product Dupe

The TikTok version of "Us vs. Them" — an ad style I swear by on all platforms. Show why your product is better than your competitor (price/quality). BONUS: use TikTok's text-to-speech feature when adding text overlays. This is a hot trend right now!

Here's a great example from @leafshave

At The End of the Day...

TikTokers want to support businesses they can connect with. Trends come and go rapidly in this digital age, especially on TikTok. It can be difficult to keep up. TikTok is centered around authentic and relatable content so, if you're a brand owner consider starting a series of videos like 'A Day In The Life @ Our Office' or 'Why We Built This' and telling your brand story. This evergreen storytelling content can be used across any of your social platforms. A brand that's really good at this on TikTok is @drinkpoppi!

HINT: If you're still stuck on what to post or promote, take a look at your most frequently asked questions in the comments on any social platform and answer them in the form of a video.

Need a hand with TikTok Ads?

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