A How To: Spark Ads On TikTok

May 15, 2023

You’ve heard me say it and I will say it again and again — utilize creator partnerships for more than just content! Whitelisted ads are on the rise and I can confidently say they are providing more efficient ROIs for my clients.

TikTok has just recently changed their verbiage for these whitelisted ads from Boosted Posts to Spark Ads — this is when a creator posts an organic TikTok on their profile and you, the advertiser, obtain the authorization code to run it through your ad account.

How to work with and find creators

If you have plans to work with creators on TikTok but don’t know where to start, first things first — you’ll want to establish some content guidelines. I’ve linked a PDF template to fill out for your brand that include some guidelines the creator should adhere to in order for the ad creative to be approved. Click here for the FREE template.

Next, you’ll want to find creators you want to work with. You can find a variety of revenant creators via keyword and hashtag searches in the TikTok app. Establish a working list on a Google sheet (template linked) with their information such as their Instagram profile and email address.

The negotiation step comes next. Ultimately, that comes down to your budget and social media’s outreach team. One benefit you can use as leverage is that Spark Ads on TikTok help the creator (and the brand) by providing the creator with more reach, views, and followers from the promoted post.

How to get the ad authorization code

Your creator has posted an amazing TikTok showcasing your product or service. Now what?

In order to boost their organic post, the creator needs to provide you with an authorization code to use in your ad account. Here’s a guide you can send directly to any creator you want to partner with on Spark Ads.

The steps are fairly simple:

  1. The creator goes to the video on their page to be promote
  2. They click the ••• below the “comment” button
  3. They select “Ad settings”
  4. They toggle Ad authorization to “On” and agree to the terms
  5. They click Generate code
  6. And copy > share the code with you, the advertiser

I recommend 30 or 60 days depending on what the creator agrees to.

How to set up the ad in your ad account

Your creator has provided you with their unique Ad authorization code. Now whaat?

  1. Once you’re logged into your TikTok ads dashboard, you’ll see 4 tabs at the top. Click Assets > and select ‘Creative’

  2. Select the ‘Spark Ads’ tab and click the “Apply for Authorization” button

  3. Copy the code sent from the creator into the text bar and click “Search”

  4. Once the TikTok preview appears, click “Confirm”

  5. It is recommended to split any Spark Ads into their own ad group because the CTRs are often much higher than ads from a brand ad page.

  6. Once your campaign and ad group is established, click create at the Ad level.

  7. Toggle over from Create New to Spark Ads option

  8. Choose the post from you creative library that you want to use

The caption is automatically generated from the creators’ organic post but you will have to select the CTA button and insert the link to your landing page.

Other tips

  • I recommend your creators using a hashtag such as #_____partner to abide by FTC guidelines
  • Ensure your creators know to use sounds from TikTok Commercial Sounds library
  • Allow your partners creative freedom to produce content but give them general guidelines or inspiration to follow

If you have any questions about working with content creators or running TikTok ads, I probably have a YouTube video on it! Check out my channel here.