Case Study: How I Helped Outer Become the Fastest-Growing DTC Brand in the U.S.

Dec 01, 2020


You may have heard of Outer, the DTC (direct-to-consumer) outdoor furniture brand. They’ve been a hit since they launched in 2019, but what you may not know is that they struggled to keep up with their rapidly expanding business until they got some help scaling their digital campaigns.

I was fortunate enough to work with their team to help them scale their ad spend and, in turn, help them secure their spot as the fastest-growing DTC brand in the U.S. during Q2 of 2020.

I’ve been working with the Outer team for almost a year now, helping them continually expand their brand by making sure that their digital ad campaigns are creative, consistent and noteworthy. You can check out their ad library with the ad creative my team and I have created here.

The Results

Here’s exactly what I helped Outer accomplish by scaling their Facebook and Google ads...

Between 10x and 100x Scaling

I scaled Outer’s ad spend 10x on Facebook and 100x on Google within a span of fewer than 6 months.

659% Quarter Over Quarter Growth

Outer experienced a whopping 659% Q/Q (quarter of quarter) growth after I scaled their ad spend.

17x Increase in Traffic From Paid Search

In Q2 of 2020, Outer’s biggest share of traffic came from paid search. It was 17x higher than Q1.

How I Did It

Digital advertising for e-commerce businesses is my specialty. I wasn’t shooting in the dark. I used my years of advertising experience and marketing knowledge to deliberately scale Outer’s digital ads.

The results were more than favorable. It’s been a game-changer for Outer’s business and the proudest moment of my career thus far!

MarketerHire was kind enough to post a case study with all the details. You can check it out here.


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