The 8 Best TikTok Ad Best Practices to Use in 2021

Oct 31, 2020

It’s no secret that social media ads are booming, and TikTok is among the most popular platforms used for advertising.

If you’re thinking about using TikTok to advertise for your business, it’ll be helpful to have some best practices to make sure your ads move towards generating the engagement (and conversions) that you’re hoping for.

Here are the eight best tips to keep in mind when creating TikTok ads…

1. Start with an Engaging Visual Element

This tip appeals to the very nature of humans. We like to see pretty things!

It’s easy to scroll past an ad without giving it a second thought. Making your ads aesthetically pleasing from the get-go is a surefire way to spark a user’s attention and keep them engaged.

Try adding a visual that captures attention by using vivid colors or text on the screen.

2. Keep Your Videos Short

TikTok users aren’t using TikTok to see long, informative videos. That’s why TikTok has a 60-second video limit.

60 seconds isn’t quite short enough for ads, though. It’s best to keep your ads super short, as in between 9-15 seconds.

All you need is enough time to show a small amount of information about your product.

3. Add Subtitles

While the visual elements in TikTok ads are the most important thing, audio is very important too.

However, there are times when TikTok users won’t have their volume on (plus, some users are hearing impaired). If someone watches your ad with the volume turned off, they might miss the entire point.

It’s worth taking an extra minute to add subtitles to your ads to help users engage (or stay engaged).


4. Utilize Background Music

Everyone loves music, and TikTokkers are no exception! Adding background music to your ads makes them more pleasant overall.

Just make sure to keep the music volume at a background level so it doesn’t take the spotlight over other important audio in your ad.

5. Write Captions

Maybe you’ve created an awesome ad and anyone who watches it will understand your product. That’s great! Except… everyone isn’t going to stick around for the whole ad, even if it’s only 15 seconds.

That’s where writing a concise, informative caption comes in. Captions will help ensure that the viewer gets the gist of your ad, even if they don’t stick around to watch the whole thing.


6. Keep It Vertical

TikTok is formatted for smartphones which means that while horizontal videos are allowed, vertical videos are much more common.

Optimizing your ads for vertical viewing gives them a native-video look and prevents users from having to turn their phone sideways. Your audience shouldn’t have to adjust to your preferred advertising methods. You should adjust to theirs.

7. Center Important Elements

This one is a pretty basic formatting tip. TikTok may obscure the outer edges of your ad. That’s why you should keep all of the important elements (your brand name, the CTA, etc.) near the center.


8. Include a Compelling Call-to-Action

A good CTA is one of the essentials of social media advertising. If a user watches your ad, they’ll be informed about your product. Then, the call-to-action lets them know what you want them to do and makes it easy to do it.

CTA’s don’t need to be fancy, either. You can simply have something like a button that says “Shop Now, “Learn More” or “Get Started.”


Time to Step Up Your TikTok Ad Game

Perfecting the art of creating TikTok ads that convert is something that you’ll learn over time as you get more and more experienced creating ads.

I hope these tips will help you on your journey to becoming a TikTok advertising master!