Doe lashes is re-introducing makeup by embracing your natural beauty and offering the perfect pair of lashes that are made to feel and look as natural as you. The brand developed a lash cotton band that allows for weightless all-day comfort, and various styles to elevate anyone’s look. Now known as the most comfortable lashes out there, Doe was ready to expand its marketing efforts onto new platforms.

"It's been an amazing experience working with Savannah, who is arguably the best marketer in Snapchat and Facebook. I don't say these lightly, but truly she has transformed our business to meet the goals that she set much quicker than we expected, and we couldn't have done it without her"

Jason Wong, Owner

New purchases from Snapchat


ROAS on Snapchat in first 30 days


ROAS on Snapchat with Dynamic Product Ads


MoM Spend Growth

The Challenge

Doe’s team reached out to The Social Savannah in June 2020 in hopes to expand their marketing efforts on Snapchat. Doe had tons of potential to grow on Snapchat, not only is their brand and content made for the younger demographic on Snapchat, they had a growing UGC folder and their website, and flow to purchase is seamless.

The Results

Utilizing Snapchats Tile, Video, and Catalog Ads, I was able to scale Doe 2.9x in the first 30 days of launch. Tile Ads on Snapchat have been the most beneficial with our Prospecting audiences, and increase their ad spend 10% the next month.

In the words of Doe Lashes’ Head of Growth, Erin Falter,

“I really enjoy Savannah’s knowledge in successful DTC creative as well as media buying. The combination has created over 3x ROAS on our Snapchat campaigns. She is quick, timely and smart!”

I quickly found that UGC creative would be a winner for us in the account, especially when maximizing on Snapchats Tile Ads. I found the highlighted creative shown below caught prospecting eyes and drove 3x ROAS in broad female audiences. Not only did we see huge wins in Tile Ads, but we were also able to successfully bring back warmer audiences through the Snapchats Catalog Sales campaign. Our Dynamic Product Ads drove 4.2x ROAS within the first three months of launching.


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