Peel, a leader in minimalist tech accessories, is redefining how you protect and care for your devices. The brand was founded upon the belief that less truly is more in all aspects of life, including their core products. Offering sleek, unobtrusive phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, and more, Peel has something to offer for almost anyone — which is exactly why they were ready to scale their advertising.

Previously engaged with a big agency, the CEO and Co-Founder, Marshall Haas, felt they weren’t scaling as rapidly or efficiently as possible. That’s when Peel made the switch to work with me for their media buying, weekly ad creative production and copywriting. I have been managing Peel’s Facebook, Google, and Snapchat advertising since November 2019 and happy to report on their outstanding growth metrics.

"It’s been night and day from working with Savannah and our last agency… we’ve been able to scale which has been the number one thing"

Marshall Haas, CEO & Co-Founder

Facebook Spend Scaled YoY


Decrease in CPA on Facebook YoY


ROI on Snapchat in First 30 Days


Decrease in CPA on Google YoY

The Challenge

From the words of Peel’s co-founder, “Before Savannah, we were working with an agency that we’d been with for a couple of years, and things started to trend down with performance with the old agency.” Ultimately, this downward spiral and declining year over year growth led them to start searching for a new agency/freelancer that would understand their desire to scale, meet their ROAS goals, and proactively produce new creatives for testing.

Three critical components to success in digital advertising are frequent new creatives, refreshing ad copy, and UGC (User Generated Content) —one of the most powerful forms of digital ads— three services I gladly provide and that have been game-changers for Peel’s digital campaigns.

Producing new creative was one challenge but Haas also wanted scale coupled with increasing return. This required complete campaign restructuring with optimized creative for each social platform.

The Results

Over the past year of working together, Peel has experienced expansive results, with 3 of their top 5 sales months of all-time being in 2020. On Facebook alone, I’ve scaled their ad spend 185% YoY while simultaneously decreasing Cost Per Purchase by 38%.

This exponential growth and overall advertising efficiency can be attributed to our frequent creative cycle, leveraging DCT (Dynamic Creative Testing) within Facebook’s platform to optimize best-performing creatives and learning from the results. Even Haas agrees, “That constant cycle of testing has been the main difference of why things have worked well.”

UGC has become one of the most effective creatives for all digital advertisers and has certainly played an important role in Peel’s ad performance over the past year. My team and I thoughtfully film and produce user-generated ads for them, including unboxing experiences, genuine product reviews, and demonstrations. The ability to produce this quality content on a regular basis is a key differentiating factor for Peel’s ads.

To further prove our creative intuition and strategic decisions, Peel did a split test with another Facebook-partnered agency VidMob to compare performance. At the end of the test, The Social Savannah creatives came out on top, with a lower overall Cost Per Purchase.

Beyond just Facebook, Snapchat campaigns have also proven successful for Peel. Never having leveraged Snapchat Ads, I started from ground zero and was able to scale ROAS 2.9x in the first 30 days of account inception. Snapchat was particularly key in this year’s BFCM success for Peel, reaching the highest ROAS in account history. Over the lifetime of Peel’s Snapchat campaigns, they’ve gained over 3,200 new customers — from an audience, they otherwise wouldn’t see success from on Facebook or Instagram.

Peel has also seen significant growth and improvement with Google Ads since last November, seeing spend growth in both categorical search and shopping campaigns with a simultaneous decrease in cost per purchase of 42% YoY. I’ve refined their campaigns in both search and shopping to reach a more targeted and efficient audience through weekly keyword testing, ad copy refreshes, and shopping feed optimizations.

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