The Essence Vault, a UK-based fragrance brand that carries dupes for several designer fragrances, came to The Social Savannah wanting to diversify their advertising beyond Facebook and Instagram.

With a desirable low-priced product offering, Snapchat and TikTok were the perfect platforms to expand on. Being that The Social Savannah has several years of experience and a well-known creative expert on both platforms, The Essence Vault recognized the importance of needing top-notch, platform-specific creative and knew we could deliver.

We got straight to work and started filming UGC with product samples. We had multiple new, original creatives to test and it didn’t take but a few days to start seeing results after launching campaigns. In fact, in less than one week, TikTok became The Essence Vault’s #1 revenue driver, surpassing Facebook and Instagram. The success can be attributed to our strategic organic creative, leveraging TikTok trends for in-feed ad placements, and broad targeting to refine best-performing audiences.

"Savannah is in a different class, we have worked with massive agencies and we saw missed opportunities, but with Savannah, she helped us find new avenues to advertise in Snap and TikTok, and really helped us to diversify our advertising spend and helped us future proof our business."

Connor Martin
Owner of The Essence Vault

ROAS On TikTok


Average Cost Per Purchase On TikTok


New Creatives Produced Within 8 Weeks


Increase In Snapchat ROAS

The Challenge

The Essence Vault was competing with high costs on Facebook, had previously tested TikTok ads and boosted posts with undesirable results with another agency, and engaged in some influencer campaigns on Instagram and TikTok. From their past influencer campaigns, they had a library of raw influencer content but had very few Snapchat or TikTok strategic ad creatives that needed to be produced to perform on the platforms.

The Social Savannah was determined to lower advertising costs and increase returns to scale The Essence Vault ad accounts on Snapchat and TikTok with strong creative.


Within one week of onboarding and campaign launch, we were seeing significant spikes in site traffic, overall conversions, and ultimately revenue for The Essence Vault. To start, we produced 3 new creatives right off the bat using The Essence Vault’s existing assets and UGC filmed in-house to test in our new campaign. Then, TikTok became The Essence Vault’s #1 source of revenue.

Prior to working with me and my creative team, The Essence Vault entrusted their Snapchat ads campaigns with another agency but were continuously hitting 1x ROAS. When The Social Savannah took over, she restructured the account using her proven best practices and launched 10 new creatives optimized for Snapchat.

Within the first week of taking over Snapchat, ROAS was boosted to a ROAS over 3.5x and we were able to successfully scale and triple ad spend — something that The Essence Vault or its previous agency hadn’t been able to do.

Over the course of working together in the last 2 months, here are a few more notable metrics:

  • 20 new creatives produced within 8 weeks
  • 5 UGC videos filmed and produced
  • Over a 2.5X ROAS on TikTok within one week of launch
  • 4.97% CVR on TikTok
  • < $6 CPA
  • Scaled to $50k in spend in the first month on TikTok advertising
  • Increased Snapchat ROAS from 1.16x to 3.09x 
“You gave us the confidence to spend up on TikTok and Snapchat. We are seeing similar numbers to Q3 in Q1, which is amazing!”

These quick wins and continued success can be attributed to the creative strategy instilled since day 1 of working with The Essence Vault. Taking an entirely organic approach, we filmed a variety of UGC videos in-house as well as repurposed influencer footage provided by The Essence Vault into TikTok format.

Creative testing has always been at the forefront of my ad strategies, and it’s even more important on TikTok due to the nature of the platform. Keeping up with the trends that are changing weekly is the only way to stay relevant, especially with in-feed ads. The goal is to make it not look like an ad at all, but rather a native piece of content that would normally show up in a TikTok user’s For You Page — and that’s exactly what we did.

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