Wandering Bear is a coffee company that delivers strong and smooth coffee right to your door, and their target audience is middle-class men and women between the ages of 22 and 60 years old. They contacted The Social Savannah a year ago wanting to reach more of their target market and grow their audience.

"Savannah and her team are masters of social media engagement. They have a knack for using video to tell authentic stories that really capture consumer attention"

Matt Bachmann, Founder of Wandering Bear Coffee

The Challenge

With ad costs continually rising on Facebook and TikTok, Wandering Bear was looking for a way to lower their cost per purchase while simultaneously reaching new audiences on both Facebook and TikTok. The Social Savannah specializes in creating high-quality ad creatives and TikTok media buying, which is why Wandering Bear knew The Social Savannah was the one to help them accomplish their goals.

The Results

When Wandering Bear reached out to The Social Savannah, they were wanting to get two new ad creatives each week from her team. Since starting they have been able to scale their spending on Facebook and TikTok using the videos created by The Social Savannah while lowering their cost per purchase and reaching new audiences.

So what types of concepts did we create? In order to directly reach Wandering Bear’s target audience, we created ads that followed TikTok trends. For example, we utilized the greenscreen effect, testimonial ads, and unboxings. The Social Savannah helped Wandering Bear reach their goals in digital advertising with this specific type of content by creating UGC with product samples.

UGC is one of the best to get the attention of consumers on TikTok. My trained content creators film content that looks natural, and this is what makes our strategies stand out from other digital advertising agencies.

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