Creating ads
that convert.

It’s sort of my thing.

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The Social Savannah is an official Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner, Snapchat Ad Partner, and TikTok Agency Partner.

The Creative Process

1. Send your product

Ship your product(s) to me and my network of content creators.

2. Give me the scoop

During our onboarding meeting, let me know what you’ve tried or tested in the past, what we should mention or avoid saying in our video content, or any creative ideas you want to try. We’ll begin to use the product in our everyday lives.

3. We create the content

After brainstorming, briefing, and a little bit of first-hand product research, me and my team of content creators will start to film and produce top-tier UGC ads for your brand.

4. Signed, sealed, delivered!

Each week, we deliver a new ad for you to test in your ad account(s). We build off what’s working, and we’re not afraid to test brand new things either.

If you decide to work with me, the process is simple and you can expect content deliverables in as little as one week! So long as we have your product in hand.

Who You're Working With

Me! I am your main point of contact throughout our partnership. However, I obviously can’t make allllll the ads, too. That’s why I have a close-knit network of top-notch creators that work for me and your brand.

They are all very well-versed on content creation, many are TikTok-ers themselves, and are part of my team to provide your brand with the best content on a weekly basis: Product review videos, product use case videos, how-to videos, you name it — we can make it happen. You provide us with your product and any video guidelines to follow, and we deliver high quality content.

Our Ad Creative Strategy

We build your asset toolkit leveraging your existing assets as well as create new mobile first content using product animations, unboxing videos, lifestyle/application videos, problem/solution videos, and user generated content (UGC) that are brand focused and intentionally designed.

We specialize in direct mobile response creative for TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Testing, Testing…

We leverage weekly creative testing with a variety of different ad styles on each platform to better understand what resonates with your unique audience. This process helps avoid burnout in your ad accounts and keeps your brand on top of the creative trends.

We Dive Deeper

What do we mean by testing? Using a data-backed approach, we create and test a variety of proven ad styles each week — everything from designed static graphics on IG feed placements to on-trend TikTok videos and then let the ads speak for themselves, literally.

Digital Creator Outreach

Want to work with top content creators? Micro-influencers? Brand ambassadors? I can help source and coordinate with your internal team to find on-brand creators that make valuable UGC for ads.


We're ready to produce top notch ads for you.